HomeStationTM saves you time*
Incentives could save you money.

Make the most of charging at home and see what savings you may be eligible for.

Many utilities offer incentives to make electric vehicle charging more affordable by helping offset the cost for qualified residential home charging equipment. From credits and rebates to tax incentives1, charging up with a smart charger like HomeStation may be even more affordable than you realize.

Discover available incentives here to see how (and how much) you may be able to save with EV charging incentives.

HomeStation car charger HomeStation car charger

Bring electric vehicle charging home

HomeStation, Electrify Home’s Level 2 EV charger, is everything you love about the Electrify America network brought directly to your doorstep…or garage…or driveway.

HomeStationTM is ENERGY STAR® certified and WiFi ready, to connect you to the Electrify America mobile app to:

Track your charging progress

View your charging history

Manage your sessions remotely

Scheduled preferred charging times

With these capabilities, plus potential savings from tax incentives and rebates1, it’s what home EV charging should—and can—be.

*The HomeStation Level 2 EV charger can charge capable vehicles up to 6.8x faster than Level 1 chargers.

1This information does not constitute tax or legal advice. Any available credits apply only on the purchase of a qualifying charging station. All persons considering the use of available tax credits should consult a tax advisor to determine eligibility based on their specific tax situation. Tax credits are subject to various limitations not within Electrify America’s control and are subject to change without notice.

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