It’s charging on your schedule. You can charge while you sleep, eat, relax, or play, so your car is ready when you are.

Currently, 80% of vehicle charging takes place at home1 and while Level 1 chargers are a viable way to charge your vehicle, they take a relatively long time to do it. Electrify Home Level 2 chargers provide up to 9.6 kW charging power— charging up to 6.8x faster than a standard level 1 plug (depending on vehicle type).

Yes. The Electrify Home Level 2 Home Chargers are certified and tested by the Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), the same people who certify other electric appliances in your home.

Yes. The HomeStationTM has been certified by ENERGY STAR.®

Yes. Electrify Home chargers are in constant communication with your car during every charge session. When your car says that it’s fully charged, the charger pauses the charge session and stops issuing a charge.

The HomeStationTM Level 2 charger can also be set to send notifications once your charge is complete if you enable this feature in the Electrify America app.

  • The specifications sheet for the HomeStationTM is coming soon.
  • The specifications sheet for the Electrify America Level 2 Home Charger can be found here.
  • The HomeStationTM Installation and Operation Manual, with operating instructions, can be found here..
  • The Electrify America Level 2 Home Charger Operating Instructions can be found here. You should also review the Electrify America Level 2 Home Charger Installation Instructions, available here.

  • Electrify Home has collaborated with Qmerit to connect you with licensed and qualified electricians that specialize in electric vehicle charger installation. If you are interested in this service, during checkout, after entering your shipping information and selecting your preferred shipping method, select the checkbox underneath the Installation Services title. After answering the installation questions, you’ll be able to see a suggested installation package that best fits your needs. If you feel the suggestion does not fit your needs, you can select a different package. Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email from Qmerit to confirm your package selection and proceed with the installation process. No payment will be collected for installation services during checkout. You will work directly with Qmerit for all installation services and payments.

    A NEMA 14-50 is a four-pronged, flat pronged power cord, and is commonly used with clothes dryers, electric cooking ranges, and electric vehicles chargers.

    A 240-volt outlet is a standard outlet that can handle higher voltage and current than outlets that are typically found in your house (for example, outlets that you may plug a lamp into). 240-volt outlets are typically used for electric clothes dryers and electric stoves and can have three holes (NEMA 6-50) or four holes (NEMA 14-50).

    Yes. The Electrify America app is available for iOS and Android.

    No, the Electrify America app is not required to use your HomeStation.TM However, in order to experience all features of the HomeStation,TM the app is required.

    No, HomeStation does not require a Wi-Fi signal to charge your vehicle. However, in order to use the Electrify Home app, and experience all features of the HomeStation, a Wi-Fi signal is required.

    We recommend installing a Wi-Fi repeater or range extender to improve the signal quality at the location where you would like to install your HomeStation.

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